Saab 9-3 Aero Turbo 2002

After driving a Volvo (V40, 940, V70) for several years as a daily car it was finally time to drive a Saab. I always liked the iconic shaped 900 classic but they don’t have all the safety features we wanted for a daily car. What appealed us the most is it’s quirky design, the light and sporty handling and of course the powerful Turbo engine. This is one of the last iconic ‘combi-coupe’ shaped Saabs. These last Aero versions had the Viggen styled bumpers, side skirts and special leather interior with embossed Turbo in the seats. Also it has a special rear spoiler which is different then a Viggen rear spoiler. You can still see the ‘Born from Jets’ history in the design, like the shape of the front window or how the dashboard is shaped.