Range Rover Classic Vogue

I (Jan) from Ottimo Classics used to live in a very small village in the North of Holland. In this village there were two families who drove a Range Rover Classic. One in chocolate brown and one final edition with all the options in black. I grew up seeing these cars now and then on the road. That image has been stuck in my mind for years. At the beginning of 2018 that desire to want to own a Range Rover Classic grew more and more. It suited our wish to drive something completely different then our fast and sporty Alfa Romeo’s. So we went to look for a early Range Rover Classic in Vogue trim with a petrol engine. In Holland the Range Rovers were not in very good condition so we started to look in Italy.  There we found this Range Rover Classic which was first registered at 3-12-1987 in Brescia. It has the 3.5 injection V8 engine. We drove it home from Jesolo to Eindhoven which was a nice adventure. The Range Rover Classic has a iconic and timeless style and shape which is a pleasure to drive!

Pictures below – before restoration.

Pictures below – after Restoration (completed Summer 2022) – it was featured in a Dutch car magazine, Autoreview 02/2023. All pictures below were taken by Igor Stuifzand.

Link to article by Autoreview: https://www.autoreview.nl/autotests/id/32715/range-rover-rotsvast-vertrouwen