Renault R5 TX Fasa

After searching for quite some time we recently found this Renault R5 TX from 1983 with only about 39.000 km. The R5 always had a special place because of it’s sympathetic character. Last year the desire to own a R5 again became stronger so the search was active again. We owned a R5 GTL from 1982 before but that didn’t turn out well. This time we wanted to have a three door version with the 1397cc engine. So it had to be a TS or TX. Nowadays these versions are hard to find, even harder then a R5 Alpine Turbo especially unrestored ones. Our R5 TX was built by Fasa Renault in Valladolid and differs from the French TX. The Spanish TX has a wider striping and protection strips on the side, fixed rear windows, fog lights in the grille. It has sills and inner wheel arches painted black from factory and of course the aluminium alloy wheels with 155/70 tyre size. So it’s a special equipped car. Both sporty and luxurious and a joy to drive!